Sophie Jungreis
Crucified or Liberated
I have been working on this painting for the last l5 years.  As the process of growth became clearer to me, the painting turned from abstract to a more realistic image.  From left to right:  The first image describes the path of Inana , the Sumerian queen of heaven and earth, as she is hanging in the underworld ,  This symbolizes the painful path a woman must take on her way to consciousness and self knowledge, she must die to her old self before she is reborn again.
The 2nd image Crucified or Liberated is the question a woman asks herself when she has the freedom she was seeking and understands the difficulty of her position in this "men's" world.  The 3rd painting takes us back to the beginning, the woman carries within her the scars of her passage. She is what her struggle made her, CRUCIFIED but LIBERATED. The pain will remind her always of the difficulty of her task of individuation. It will remind her not to compromise herself again on the path of life.

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