Sophie Jungreis
The Sacred Feminine
The Sacred Feminine (the feminine principle) symbolizes the spiritual transformation and rebirth of humanity on its path to knowledge, awareness and enlightenment. The pubic triangle or vulva was a primary life symbol of the Goddess culture and was found both in caves and graves as early as 26,000 B.C. and even earlier.
The image served as a sign or symbol of the female processes of nature. Nature and Goddess (the feminine principle) were analogous. The abstracted vulva appeared not as an anatomic "sexual" organ but as a generalized symbol of renewal, periodicity, birth and rebirth.
To better understand the archetypal forces at work in all of us, we must turn to the roots of humanity, where the sacred feminine in all its manifestations brings us closer to the magical and mythical depth of our nature, uniting our spirit with our human roots.
In creating my identity I have come across this symbol connecting me to the primordial depth of my experience.

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